Our Profile

The QiAcademy is one of the leading schools for Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) in Germany

Its headquarters are located in Vinteln / Germany. Veterinarians from all over the world have participated in the seminars since the foundation in 2008. Qi Academy participants are active and competent TCVM veterinarians from all over the world.

The QiAcademy offers training in the field of TCVM

In addition to acupuncture training, the Qi Academy also offers training in the other pillars of TCVM. In addition to our basic veterinary acupuncture course with the degree Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA), we offer training in Chinese Herbal Medicine (CVH), Tui Na (CVT) and Nutritional Therapy (CVFT). Thus we offer a complete training in TCVM.

The QiAcademy offers TCVM in the right balance of theory and practice

We are aware that the true skill of the practical veterinarian is not in learning theory, but in achieving clinical success. However, we are convinced that a solid theoretical foundation in TCVM is necessary to have good clinical results. In our training courses, however, we do not overvalue the theoretical education, but we put great emphasis on the practical training. The foundation of Chinese medicine is balance, so we always try to present the course material with the right mix of theory and practice. Thus, at the Qi Academy, great emphasis is placed on clinical application, according to the theoretical principles. Through diverse case presentations there is an enormous practical relevance. Furthermore, practical instruction in small groups on real patients is part of every course. In our acupuncture training, for example, the participants learn the acupuncture points on humans, dogs and horses and practice different needle techniques. This is the same in our Tui Na training. We believe that by combining theory and practice, our participants are trained to become competent TCVM veterinarians.

The QiAcademy supports the integration of TCVM into western veterinary medicine

We at the QiAcademy consider TCVM as a part of complementary medicine that should complement and not replace conventional or "Western" veterinary medicine. The integration of eastern and western medicine is an integral part of our training programs. Prerequisite for participation in the courses of the Qi Academy is to be a veterinarian (with the exception of the courses for veterinary assistants). This is not a formality, but the participants will find that basic knowledge of orthodox medicine is a prerequisite for following the courses. The understanding of orthodox medical contexts is partly the basis for making a diagnosis. We do not want the participants of our courses to leave their orthodox medical knowledge behind. On the contrary, we want them to increase their knowledge and bring it into the concept of TCVM. We believe that the use of both medical systems for the benefit of patients, such as the endocrinological, cardiovascular, nervous and meridian systems, Qi, Blood, Jing, Shen, Jin-ye, Yin and Yang, gives a more complete picture of the organism. Finally, we hope to give our graduates a western and eastern approach to the patient and thus a wider range of treatment options.

The QiAcademy supports the global dissemination of TCVM

Even though TCVM has its origins in China, it has achieved a global spread in the last decades. As a result, the acceptance of the TCVM by pet owners and their animals has become much greater. The Qi Academy hopes to bring TCVM to veterinarians around the world, so that they can use acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tui-Na and nutritional therapy for the benefit of their patients.